How to Register Your Device for the Wireless Network

You must register each device that you wish to use on Trinity’s wireless network.

To register your device, login to PowerSchool and under “ECollect Forms” select “Device Registration”.  From the Device Registration screen you may select to enter a new device, update information for existing devices or delete a device.  A Help section is available through the main screen or can be accessed as you go through the process of entering or updating.

When entering a new device, a red asterisk indicates required fields.  If these fields are not completed, your device will not be added.  Each field has a help button that provides additional information about the requirements of that input field.  Some of the help buttons also provide links to instructions, including videos of how to obtain the required information. You may also check out this helpful resource.

If you are unable to complete the device registration for any reason, you will need to bring your device(s) with you on book day to complete the process.