Fine Arts and Humanities Department Observation

Fine Arts and Humanities Observation Form

  • Observation Information

    General information pertaining to the observation
  • The name of the teacher being observed
  • The name of the person doing the observation (i.e., yourself)
  • The course number for the class you are observing (e.g., B271)
  • The number of students present in the class being observed
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    The date of the observation
  • The length of the observation (in minutes)
    Was a pre-conference held with the teacher being observed?
  • Classroom Environment

  • Enter comments regarding classroom environment
  • Student Activity

  • Enter comments regarding student activity
  • Instructional Delivery

  • Enter comments regarding instructional delivery
  • Professional Conduct

  • Enter comments regarding professional conduct
  • Questioning Techniques

  • Enter comments regarding questioning techniques
  • Broad Learner Outcomes

  • Post-Conference

    Was a post-conference held?
  • Summary